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ANANT Carpenter Pincer

Made by India's leading manufacturer of pliers, cutters for industry and professional craftsmen, our Carpenter's Pincers are forged using special tool steel and oil hardened. The plastic-coated, straight handles are offset from the pivot joint, which compounds the gripping force. Traditional tools used primarily for extracting fasteners, Carpenter's Pincers are designed to grasp, cut and pull an object with significant mechanical force.

The smooth, polished face of the bullnose head curves to a cutting edge that has been ground with minimal bevel. This design allows the very top of a nail to be grasped virtually flush with the surface, and effortlessly extracted with a very high degree of leverage. Even embedded or deformed nails are removed easily. With a hardened striking face, it is superbly suited for most construction, concrete, roofing, fencing and fabrication work.

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