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ANANT Circular Plane No. A113

The plane is designed for use of concave and convex surface. The flexible steel face is anchored at each end of the body of the plane and center screw adjustable enable the desired curvature of the sole to be set quickly and positively. The frame is shaped to provide a comfortable grip at each end and the cut iron is fully adjustable being secured when set by a lever cap.

Plane No. Length


Unit Packing
A113 10 45 12


  • Body: High Grade Cast Iron.

  • Cut Iron: High Carbon Steels.

  • Face: High Quality Spring Steels

  • Body Finish: Stove Enamelled ANANT blue.

  • Lever Cap: Plated

  • Paking: Individually cartoned.

  • Spare cut irons and parts are readily available.

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