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ANANT Bull Nose Rabbet Plane No. A77

The plane is designed for the fine work where extreme accuracy is required. An improved adjustable mouth has been embodied in this plane, two steel distance pieces between the detachable nose and the body providing four different mouth adjustments for fine or coarse work.
The plane can be converted to a chisel plane by removing the nose.
The depth of cut is regulated by screw adjustment of the cut iron. The base and sides are accurately machined and bright finished and the plane may be used on the either side.

Plane No. Length


Width of Cut Iron (Inches)
Width of Cut Iron (MM) Unit Packing
A77 4 102 1 1/8 29 36


  • Body, Nose & Lever Cap: High Grade Cast Iron.

  • Cut Iron: High Carbon Steel.

  • Finish: Stove Enamelled ANANT blue. Base and sides of body ground and polished.

  • Paking: Individually cartoned.

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