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ANANT Block Plane No.A60

The ANANT block planes are made from accurately machined, fine grey iron. Unmachined surfaces are finished with a durable high gloss stoving enamel. Block planes are ideal for end grain work or any situation where single handed applications are required. The low angle fully supported cutter ensures that vibration is kept to a minimum, thus making for good performance on plastic laminates and other man-made materials. Fully adjustable for depth of cut iron and cutter alignment. Cutter seats at 21 degrees. Ideal for end grain and general purpose fine finishing.

Plane No. Length


Width of Cut Iron (Inches)
Width of Cut Iron (MM) Unit Packing
A60 7 180 1 5/8 40 30


  • Body & Lever Cap: High grade cast grey iron.

  • Cut Iron: High Grade Carbon Steel.

  • Finish: Stove enamelled ANANT black. Base and sides of body grounded and polished.

  • Packing: Individually packed in carton box.

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